SEA CHANGE: the unfinished agenda of the 1960s

SEA CHANGE: the unfinished agenda of the 1960s

Once upon a time it was the 1960s …

Were you alive then? Where were you? What were you doing?
What changes did the Sixties era lead you to make in your life?
In what ways do you think the Sixties has shaped the world we live in today?

If you are younger, what have you heard about the Sixties?

Do you wonder what it was like?

During the Sixties, American culture changed faster than before and many people emerged into the 1970s having experienced something radically different from what anyone would have expected a decade before. This radical shift inspired and empowered many people to invent new ways of living–in greater harmony with the earth, with a diversity of personal and cultural expressions, in greater freedom and openness to our own and others’ creativity and ability to live sustainably and in peace, with justice for all.

SEA CHANGE: the unfinished agenda of the 1960s

is the title of a forthcoming book about culture change in California in the Sixties era and what it meant to participate in making change. The author, Dorothy Emerson, combines social commentary with stories of her encounters with the changes in process around her and how they led her to embrace and share the emerging new culture in her life and work. She goes on to consider the value of the changes inspired by the Sixties and how they can benefit the continued development of our culture 50 years later.

Projected publication: Fall/Winter 2017

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Author: Dorothy May Emerson, semi-retired Unitarian Universalist minister currently living in the Boston area, is a native Californian who left her home state in 1975 to explore the rest of the country and still dreams of going back to live in California someday.

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